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Operation St. Nicholas!

Operation Saint Nicholas is a great opportunity for service through CHS.  How?  We are making fun-filled stockings for the students at Oakcrest Elementary and GLA our Partners in Education.  For many of these students, the stockings we make will be their only Christmas gifts!  Therefore, we are asking you to create high-quality stockings filled with a MINIMUM OF 10-12 of the following:
Warm socks, hat, or glovesStocking
Toothpaste and a toothbrush
Small puzzles
Toy cars
Teddy bears/stuffed animals
Baby dolls
Art supplies
Coloring books
Flash cards
Bouncing balls
Action figures
Fun soaps
We ask that you NOT put any candy or electronic games/toys in your stocking.  Why?  Candy can go bad, causes cavities and doesn’t last.  Electronic games require batteries and once they run out the game/toy loses its fun.  So be considerate and DO NOT put these in the stockings.  Please also make sure to put NEW items in your stockings.  Old toys, cheap party favors,  scruffy stuffed animals, and half-used toiletries are not part of the Christmas magic.

Each student is asked to bring in a MINIMUM OF ONE stocking, ASAP.  Collection of stockings will  begin on Monday, November 30 and run through Monday, December 7, 2020.  These stockings will then be presented at the Stocking Mass/Feast of the Immaculate Conception Eucharistic Liturgy

Of Note:  Each student may bring in a MAXIMUM of 5 stockings as part of their CHS Commitment to Service. This would give a student a total of 10 hours, the maximum number of hours for donations accepted as part of the CHS Christian Service program. 

Stockings will be checked by teachers to ensure quality control and qualification for our students to receive service hours for their donations.