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Math Opportunities

School is right around the corner and we at Ray Dass have heard that many kids are feeling stressed about their upcoming math classes!  We know it was so hard for students throughout the country to adapt to the learning environment of last Spring, particularly when it came to learning MATH! 

Understanding the present need, Ray and our incredible teaching team have created Ray Dass BOOSTERS, a solution for all kids to REVIEW their previous math courses and PREVIEW their upcoming math courses before school starts!!!

These Math BOOSTER sessions start July 28, and each course will include 6 hours of LIVE instruction broken up into 4- sessions over the course of two weeks!!!

The first three sessions will be a REVIEW of a Final Exam from last year’s Math class, and the final session will be a PREVIEW of what they will see in the Fall! 

The different Ray Dass BOOSTER Math offerings are:

Our incredible teaching team will lead this offering and be there the entire time to help fill in the GAPS, provide support, and answer any additional questions! 

Because of our partnership with the FIU Outreach Program you can sign up now for any of these $99 BOOSTER courses on a full scholarship if you register with the coupon code FAM99!!

Visit to register today! 

Ray is providing a ton of great free help, videos, and info for parents on Facebook and for kids on Instagram! Make sure to check them out!!!

Excited to see you all in class!

Reach out to if you have any questions! 

Thank you!!!!