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CHS Exam Policy

CHS implemented a policy in 2014 that continues to be in effect and pertains to students who miss semester exams in either December (this year they are from December 14, 17-19) or in May (this year they are on May 21-24).

This policy states:

Students who miss semester exams for serious family emergencies or serious health reasons are excused and may make them up.

Students absenting themselves from exams for any other reason(s) may NOT make up exams and will receive a zero for each.

Please be aware of these dates when planning family trips, etc. While exams are still far off, parents are often purchasing flights for Christmas and end-of-the-year trips very early, so we are letting you know now so that you will not inadvertently purchase tickets or plan events that would conflict with our semester exams.

As always, we ask you NOT to remove your child from school until his/her last exam is completed.