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SWAP Day and Catholic Schools Week!

Our annual celebration of Catholic Schools Week begins this year on Monday, January 28.  The week is a wonderful celebration of all that it means to be in a Catholic school with events to celebrate our students, parents, community, church, and faculty.

One of the hi-lites of the week is always the celebration of SWAP DAY when the parents can attend school in place of their child (students whose parents cannot attend are expected to come to school).  So, please plan to join us for our 2019 SWAP Day on Friday, February 1!  It is a day of fun, much learning, and celebration of all that is wonderful about Catholic Schools and especially about CHS!

This year’s CSW Mass, celebrated by Bishop Wack, and attended by guests from our four local Catholic schools as well as CHS faculty and students, is also open to all parents.   It will be held on Wednesday, January 30.  Please join us for this wonderful celebration of Catholic education in our Diocese and Country.

CSW 2019