• Athletic Eligibility

    CHS Student Athletic Eligibility

    In order for a student to be eligible to participate in Crusader Athletics, an FHSAA Pre-Participation Physical and an FHSAA Consent and Release from Liability Certificate must be completed and submitted to the School Office prior to tryouts of the sport in which the student wishes to participate. This EL3 Consent & Release Form covers Concussions, Cardiac Arrest & Heat Related Illnesses.  As noted above the signature line on the EL3 Consent & Release Form, it requires the student to watch 3 NFHS videos.  CHS requires the student to submit the Certificate of Completition (along with the signed EL3 Consent & Release Form) that can be printed after the videos have been watched and the student has answered questions correctly.

    The forms are valid for one calendar year from the date when each form was completed.

    To download the FHSAA Pre-Participation Physical (EL2), FHSAA Consent and Release from Liability Certificate/4 pages reference Concussions, Cardiac Arrest & Heat Related Illnesses (EL3), please follow the links to the right.   For directions on the the NFHS Videos, please follow the link to the right.

    If you are transferring into CHS from another high school, you will also need to complete the Affidavit of Compliance (GA4). Please see Coach LaBounty for complete information and to obtain the needed form.

    Both the Physical & the Consent & Release forms along with the video Certificate of Completition must be given to Ms. Bonifay in the Guidance Office prior to any sports tryout, practice or participation.  It is suggested you keep a copy of the physical should you need it for any summer camp your student may attend or any other related reason.

    For further information, please contact CHS Athletic Director, Richard LaBounty via e-mail or (850) 436-6400, ext. 112.

    College Athletic Eligibility

    Athletes attempting to pursue a college athletic scholarship must be deemed eligible by the NCAA Clearinghouse.  For complete information on this process, please follow the navigation link to the left.

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