Admissions Policy

  • A Legacy of Excellence

    The Mission of Pensacola Catholic High School is "to develop responsible Christian individuals by providing the finest in Catholic education".  Pensacola Catholic High School is a vibrant Christian community offering quality education while emphasizing the teachings of the Gospel, the intrinsic value of the individual and commitment to service.

    Students who have a satisfactory academic, attendance and disciplinary record from their previous school and satisfactory scores on middle school standardized tests are considered for admission to Catholic High School.

    The admissions process for incoming freshmen differs from the process for students transferring from another high school.  Please click on the appropriate navigation link on the left to choose between incoming freshmen and transfer students.

    School Statement
    Pensacola Catholic High School serves the Catholic community of the greater Pensacola area.  Catholic students are given preference, but students of all denominations are welcome.  All are accepted regardless of race, sex, color, or country of origin.  No student will be removed from the roll to give preference to a Catholic student.