Dress Code


    In the area of personal dress and grooming appropriate for school, the student must assume prime responsibility. Since fashion and styles change rapidly, the school reserves the right to determine whether students’ dress and appearance satisfy the school’s policy.  Students are asked to dress in professional dress for all school Masses.  Girls are encouraged to wear maxi dresses or dress pants for school Masses; boys are required to wear dress shirts and ties.

    The following summary describes the Dress Code in effect at Catholic High during formal school hours:

    Male Students

    Shirts--Decent dress, sports, or polo-type shirts with collars and sleeves are acceptable.  The shirt must be tucked into the trouser at all times so that the belt is completely visible.  Sweatshirts or sweaters may be worn as long as the shirt underneath has a collar and is fully tucked into the pants.  Hooded pullover sweatshirts may be worn with a collared shirt underneath. Hoods may not be worn “up” at any time inside the building at CHS.

    Pants--“Cords”, regular trousers, and dress slacks are acceptable.  The hem of the pants must touch the top of the shoe to be appropriate length. A belt must be worn with all trousers/slacks. Yoga pants, lounge pants, sweatpants, or athletic pants are not acceptable.

    Other--All male students must be clean-shaven each day.  Hair length will be maintained above the shirt collar and maynot be worn in a ponytail. Sideburns may be no longer than the earlobes. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain hair length within the stated guidelines. Males may not wear facial make-up.

    Female Students

    Shirts--Girls’ shirts must meet these requirements:

    --They must come to and cover the collarbone and cover the midriff fully.

    --They must have sleeves.

    --They must ensure that no cleavage or skin in the midriff area is visible.

    --Female athletes must wear shirts to the waist to any athletic practice and/or competition.  

    Dress--Skirts to the knee, blouses, full-length pants, dresses and jumpers to the knee are acceptable attire. Skirts/dresses may not have slits higher than the bend of the knee. Belts are not required on girls’ slacks/skirts.  If leggings or tights are worn, skirts, dresses or other appropriate tops must come to the knee.

    Pants--Yoga pants and lounge pants are not acceptable; Capri pants (not made of spandex) that reach mid-calf are acceptableSHORTS of any type are not acceptable. No “jeggings” or “skinny jeans” are allowed.

    All Students

    Shoes--Regular shoes, athletic shoes, and sandals with straps or a band over the arch and an attachment on the back of the heel which will keep them from slapping the floor or foot, are acceptable.

    Athletic Attire – P.E. clothing and athletic attire are permitted only in the gymnasium or on the playing field.

    Pants--Students will be allowed to wear blue denim pants to school only on special “Jeans Days” granted by the administration. Torn, ragged jeans are not acceptable. Yoga pants, lounge pants, sweatpants, “jeggings,” or “skinny jeans” or shorts are not acceptable. Jeans of other color than blue are acceptable, provided they are in appropriate condition.

    Hair--Hair should be neat, clean, well groomed, and not past the eyebrow.  Bizarre colors and styles will not be allowed.

    Headgear--No headgear of any type is allowed on a student’s person during school hours.

    P.E. Clothing—T-shirts and soccer/basketball-style shorts are acceptable; no spandex is allowed. P.E. clothing must be washed at least once a week. P. E. clothing may not have offensive logos or artwork.

    I.D. Badges—CHS-issued Identification badge/lanyards will be provided to the students during the first days of school and must be worn by students at all times while on campus during school hours. The ID badge may not be altered or defaced in any way.  Failure to comply with this regulation will result in an escalating scale of disciplinary actions that may result in suspension.

    In addition to the above, the following examples of dress, considered inappropriate for school wear, are prohibited:

    1. Clothing determined by the school administration to be revealing, bizarre or disruptive to the educational process.
    2. Bareback or bare midriff tops or dresses, crop-tops, tank tops or layered tank tops; blouses/tops without sleeves or collars.
    3. Tee-shirts of any type. They may not be worn alone or over collared shirts. No Beach Week T-Shirts.
    4. Low-cut apparel or any apparel that allows for visible cleavage.
    5. Net or see-through tops.
    6. Shirts with open sides (arms to waist).
    7. Cut-offs (on days when jeans/shorts are allowed).
    8. Sunglasses cannot be worn anywhere on the person.
    9. Clothing with profane, obscene or abusive language.
    10. Clothing that advertises or advocates products that are illegal for student consumption; no Beach Week T-Shirts.
    11. Clothing with suggestive words, statements or pictures.
    12. Objects in any part of the body that is pierced (other than earrings for girls).
    13. Male students: Earrings and facial make-up.
    14. Dog chains, wallet chains, or leashes.
    15. Shorts for males and females
    16. No underwear is to be visible on male or female students.
    17. Blue jeans.

    Hoodies can only be worn before/after school, not during class or Mass. Hoodies may be worn on dress down days.