College/Career Counseling

  • The Catholic High School College and Career Center is located in the Guidance Department. Resources are available to assist in planning and implementing educational and occupational goals.

    For additional resources on college and career planning, please check out the link for “Guidance Resources” on the left side tool menu.

    *Download the Catholic High College Handbook.

    *Download an overview of the College Application Process.

     Florida’s State University System’s (SUS) Admission Standards

    State University System of Florida

    The State of Florida has implemented recommended minimum admission standards. This affects all universities in the state of Florida.

    (One University admission option) SUS minimum test score requirements:



    Reading: 19

    Critical Reading: 460

    Math: 19

    Math: 460

    English/Writing: 18

    Writing: 440


    Students must also fulfill the following academic unit requirements:

    4 credits

    English / Language Arts

    3 of which must have included substantial writing requirements.

    4 credits


    at or above the Algebra I level.


    3 credits

    Natural Science

    2 of which must have substantial laboratory requirements.

    3 credits

    Social Science

    to include anthropology, history, civics, political science, economics, sociology, psychology, and/or geography.

    2 credits

    Foreign Language

    Both credits must have been in the same language. American Sign Language will be accepted in place of a foreign language.

    2 credits

    Additional Academic Credits

    any combination of courses listed in the Department of Education Course Code Directory: