Hurricane Readiness

  • Keep your laptop safe during a storm.  Here's how:

    If you plan to leave town prior to a hurricane:
    • Shut down your laptop and store it in your backpack.
    • Place the entire backpack in a plastic trashbag.
    • Leave the laptop in a protected area of your house, away from all windows and doors and off the floor.

    If you plan to remain home during a hurricane:
    • Unplug your laptop from electrical outlets and network cables to protect it from power surges.
    • Shut your laptop down if it is not in use.
    • Store your laptop in the carry case provided.
    • Keep your laptop in a location that is dry.  If your laptop does get wet do not attempt to turn it back on. Allow it to dry thoroughly and bring it to the Technology Department immediately upon your return to school.