Student Laptop Survival Guide

  • Living with your Laptop 24/7

    Before School

    Work Wisely:
    • Just like you need a good breakfast to fuel your day, your laptop needs power to keep up with you.  Make sure to charge it fully before the beginning of the day.
    • If you forget to charge or need an extra boost, use the library charging stations before the first bell.
    Play it Safe:
    • Use your laptop case to transport your laptop between home and school.
    • If you're not using your laptop, store it in your locker until it's time for class.

    During Classes

    Work wisely:
    • Turn off Bluetooth and dim your screen to conserve power and make your battery charge last longer.
    • Only keep open applications and websites you are using.  This saves processor power, memory and extends your battery life.
    • Save early, save often.  Don't wait until the end of class to save documents for the first time.  Make sure to save regularly while you are working.
    • Take advantage of charging while you are working during Computer Apps class.
    • At the end of class make sure to save all your work, put your Macbook to sleep, and place it in your carry case only after it is asleep.  Plan to leave at least 2-3 minutes of time at the end of class to get this done before the bell rings.
    Play it Safe:
    • Work on a desktop, not on top of other items on your desk.  Don't risk having your laptop end up on the floor!
    • When you're not using your laptop in class, place it in your carry case.  Don't leave it out on the desk where it may get knocked off.

    In Between Classes

    Work wisely:
    • If you are low on power (1 light or blinking light) check out a spare battery in the library.  Remember to return before the end of the day to retrieve your charged battery.
    • Use time at lunch to charge in the library.
    • Don't try and walk the halls with an open laptop.  Really, you'll regret it sooner or later...
    Play it safe:
    • Use your case when transporting your MacBook between classes.
    • Leave your laptop in your locker during lunch and Mass.
    • Don't put pens, scissors or paperclips in the same compartment as your laptop; they may damage the screen or one of the ports.
    • All laptops found unattended at school will be turned into the Front Office.

    After School and at Home

    Work wisely:
    • You can use the library charging stations after school until 4:00.
    • Use a surge protector instead of plugging directly into the wall to protect from lightning strikes and power surges.
    • If you plug into a cable modem at home, disconnect the network cable during thunderstorms or when you are not using your Internet connection.
    • When connecting to power, plug in to the wall first, then your Macbook.
    • When disconnecting from power, unplug from your MacBook first, then from the wall.
    • Make sure to shut down your laptop if you don't plan on using it for more than a day.
    • Don't work on a soft surface like a bed or a pillow or use in a way that will block the vents.
    • Be wary of "borrowing" wireless access from others in your neighborhood.  You can never be sure if others are stealing your information.
    Play it safe:
    • Use your laptop away from food and liquids.  Spills can be deadly to your Macbook.
    • Leave your laptop in your locker during after school sports and a coach will let you in the building to collect after school.
    • Don't leave in your laptop in your car overnight or for long periods.  Extreme heat can damage your MacBook.
    • Keep your laptop locked in a safe location when you are away for the holidays.
    • Keep your laptop safe from pets and younger siblings.
    • Don't keep magnetic items like paperclips or staples near the power port on your laptop.  The magnetic charge on the port will attract them and may cause damage.

    Bright Ideas:
    • Don't allow others to use your laptop.
    • Don't log into other computers on the network.
    • Consider purchasing a spare battery.
    • Clean the exterior and screen with a dry soft cloth.
    • Consider purchasing an approved cleaning kit.

    • Force quit an application by going to the Apple menu and selecting Force Quit or by using the key-combination Command-Option-Esc
    • If your computer is slow or certain applications aren't working right, try saving your work and restarting.
    • If your computer won't turn on or won't come out of sleep, check your battery to make sure there's enough power left.