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    Who is required to have a laptop?
    All CHS students.

    When will students receive their computers?
    Freshmen will be issued their laptop upon demonstration of care and maintenance competency in their Digital Literacy course within the first two weeks of school.

    What kind of computer will be used?
    Each student will be provided with a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro laptop. The laptop will include an integrated video camera, latest version of the OS, Microsoft Office, anti-virus software, and Internet filtering software. Many more features and software are included.

    Why Mac?
    Apple is known as a leader in educational support with a wealth of resources to ensure the success of our program.  The seamless integration of applications, cross-platform compatibility, and a secure operating system allow for maximum educational use with minimal support needed.  In addition, students have the option of purchasing the laptop at the end of the lease at which time they will have the freedom to install and use both the Windows (PC) and Mac platforms.

    Is there the option of a Windows platform?

    No. CHS has standardized on the Apple Macintosh platform for student computing. Each class uses its own model in the same configuration. 

    What if a more powerful computer is wanted?
    The computers provided in this program are appropriate for academic computing needs. There is no option for a different laptop.

    Who owns the computer?
    While a student, the computer will remain the property of Pensacola Catholic High School. The reasons for this are both legal and for the significantly lower cost of software supplied to educational institutions in volume amounts. However, upon successful graduation, the laptop may be purchased for a small fee.

    What kind of contract or agreement needs to be signed?
    During the laptop rollout, these forms must be signed

    • Leasing Agreement
    • CHS AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)
    • Insurance Statement

    How much will this cost me?
    The Finance Brochure will describe the cost and payment plan involved in the use and acquisition of the laptop.  Click here to view the Finance Information.

    Will textbooks still need to be purchased?

    Yes. Many books are not yet available electronically. When they become available and it is financially advantageous, we will make the electronic resources available to the students. Some book suppliers who have electronic versions of their textbooks require the purchase of the book in addition to the access code for electronic resources. In these cases it is cheaper to continue to use the textbook.

    Can more than one laptop be purchased?
    We are sorry that we do not have the ability to serve as a computer reseller and may not obtain laptops for other family members.

    Will the laptop support external hardware (keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.)?
    Yes. USB and Firewire peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, printer, flash drive, monitor, headphone, iPod, etc., can be used.

    What software and operating system will be used?
    The laptop will have the latest Mac OS X operating system. Additional applications come with the laptop. The software we are adding to the laptops are:

    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • iLife suite (iPhoto, iWeb, iMovie, iDVD, Garageband)
    • iWork suite (Keynote, Pages, Numbers)
    • Notetaker
    • LoggerPro
    • Quicktime Pro
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • TI Connect X
    • Lightspeed Internet content filter and anti-virus software

    What if a student transfers or does not graduate?
    Under the terms of the program agreement, students who transfer or do not graduate must return the notebook and all equipment.

    What if I am a new student transferring in to the program?

    Students joining the program "late" will be issued a laptop from the "reserve" fleet or be issued a laptop from the students that transferred out of CHS.

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    Will the laptop be used in every class?
    Laptop usage will be significant; however, usage depends upon the individual instructors. Some classes are not conducive to daily incorporation of laptop use, such as ceramics or team sports.

    Does the student have to be a computer whiz?
    No. Students are provided with individualized and classroom instruction as part of their year-long Digital Literacy course. This course will provide students with the skills to care for and maintain their laptops, but more importantly, it will focus on the applications that will assist and enhance the educational experience.

    Where should the laptop be kept when it is not needed for class?
    The laptop should be kept in the student's possession at all times, unless it is left in the care of the Technology Department in the Media Center.

    There is content on the Internet that is unsuitable. Is there any type of filtering?
    Internet-assisted learning extends beyond the classroom and into student's homes, providing more resources and better teacher-student communication. To address these urgent needs, CHS has installed the Lightspeed Mobile Client to filter and secure students from accessing inappropriate and malicious Web content. The Lightspeed Mobile Client provides total filtering for students anytime, anywhere, regardless of their Internet connection. Parents can be certain that whether students are working at CHS, Starbucks, or at home their Internet surfing is being filtered.

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    Where on campus can someone plug the laptop into the network?

    A cable is not needed for connecting to the network. All student laptops are wireless. The entire campus can connect to the network wirelessly. 

    Where on campus can students connect to the Internet?

    When you connect to the CHS network, you are automatically connected to the Internet (web surfing, email, etc.), as well as school network printers and file servers.

    Will the student be able to back-up information on the network? Is the data protected?
    Each student is expected tomake sure their Google Back up is working.  Click here for a guide/instructions.

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    Can the student keep the computer during the summer?
    The laptop may be turned in to the CHS Technology Department each summer for a brief time period in order to be re-imaged with the latest operating system and software.

    Can the student connect to the school resources from home?
    Yes. Provided that the student has an Internet connection from home, they will be able to access their content management system and online resources.

    Will CHS provide Internet access and wireless at home?
    No, the school does not provide home Internet service.

    If parents have Internet service at home, the students' laptops can be connected to the home network via WiFi or a wired connection.  The laptops are not configured with a dial-up modem which is required for dial-up Internet access.

    Can my son/daughter print at home?
    Certainly. However it is up to the parents to provide a printer at home. The Macintosh operating system has built in support for printers and is compatible with most printers.  If you have a compatible printer and are still experiencing trouble, please download the brand's printing driver in the Self Service application. The Self Service application is an application on the student laptops that will allow diver downloads without administrator assistance.

    CHS monitors laptop usage at school, but who monitors it at home?
    That is the responsibility of the parents. It is the CHS belief that when off the CHS campus, parents have full authority to restrict laptop usage. Examples of this:
    • Can only use in a family room and not in her bedroom.
    • Can only use at certain times of the evening or weekend.
    • Cannot take it along on a trip.
    • Examine the documents and other contents of the laptop.
    • Confiscate the laptop and bring to the CHS Technology department for examination of laptop contents.
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    Will CHS update the operating system or software?

    The major software updates will be provided through re-imaging the laptop every summer. During the rest of the school year, only critical updates will be performed.

    Will the computer and software become outdated during the four years of study?
    The laptop lease includes a program for updating the operating system and software. The laptops will be updated every summer if such an update is available. Other software may be upgraded or added ensuring that students' laptops are always up to date.

    Can I install my own software?
    We regret that we do not have the ability to allow custom/individual application installations.  Applications installed on the laptops are standardized so that the configuration on the laptop is stable and reliable for support of the curriculum.

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    What accessories come with the laptop?
    The laptop comes with a power supply and a protective case for the notebook. All school–issued laptops must be kept in the school–issued laptop case.

    What additional options would you recommend?
    You don’t NEED additional options. Sometimes students purchase a mouse to be used with the computer.  Home printers can also be used with the laptops. (See "Can my son or daughter print at home?" above for more information.)

    Can additional hardware be added to the laptop?
    Yes, external accessories may be used with the school laptops. Students may not add or remove the internal components of the laptop including, but not limited to the RAM and hard drive. 

    Is any software banned or forbidden?
    Yes, AIM, Limewire, Kazaa, Gnutella, and any other music sharing software other than iTunes is banned. iMessage should not be used on the comptuers. Disciplinary action can be taken for having banned software on the laptop or IM-ing during the school day.

    Is a printer required?
    No. Each laptop is configured to work with several network printers on campus. However, if the student wishes to use a personal printer at home, it must be provided by the parents. (See "Can my son or daughter print at home?" above for more information.)

    How will the laptops be carried?
    Laptops will travel to and from school with students in their specially designed carrying case. The laptop must be kept in this case at all times.

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    Will each student be given an email address?
    Yes, the school provides all students with email accounts through Google Apps for Education. The school has administrative authority over all student email accounts.  A mail application is available on the laptop so that a student may access e-mail using an e-mail address that they have personally acquired.

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    TECHNICAL SUPPORT (CHS Technology Department)

    What should be done if the laptop is damaged?
    If a laptop is damaged, it should be reported immediately to CHS Technology Department. CHS Technology Department personnel will troubleshoot the problem as soon as they are informed of it.

    What should be done if the laptop is stolen?
    If the laptop is stolen, immediately contact CHS Technology Department. The mandatory laptop insurance covers theft and burglary among other things. When a laptop is stolen, an insurance claim is filed and the student is issued a replacement machine. This will be covered by the $150 deductible that is the responsibility of the parents.

    Where does a student go for maintenance?
    Students will receive instruction regarding basic care and maintenance as part of their Digital Literacy class. Should the issue be beyond that of their classroom training, the student should notify the classroom teacher so that the issue can be further investigated by the Technology Department.

    What if there are hardware or software problems with the computer?
    If a problem occurs, they should immediately report the issue to the Technology Department. The Technology Department personnel can not help if they are unaware of a problem. The overwhelming majority of problems are resolved with simple procedures or troubleshooting steps such as restarting the computer.

    Who pays for repairs to the laptop?
    Warranty repairs are covered at no cost. If physical damage to the laptop causes it to stop working correctly, an insurance claim will need to be filed in order to repair the laptop. There is a $150 deductible for repairs under the insurance policy. Typical examples of non-warranty repairs are caused by the laptop being dropped, stepped on or liquids being spilled on it. Any repairs not covered under the four year extended warranty or insurance are the responsibility of the student and parents.

    What does my son/daughter do if his/her laptop is sent in for repair?
    Students are provided with a laptop from our reserve fleet to be used until their machine is back from repair.  The Technology Department will attempt to copy the student's data from the damaged machine to the reseve machine and back again once the repaired returns to CHS. 

    With what problems can the Digital Literacy teacher help a student?
    Freshmen and transfer students who are currently in Digital Literacy may seek help from their teacher with numerous common problems, such as:
    • troubleshoot printing issues
    • troubleshoot connecting to our network
    • troubleshoot email problems
    • make suggestions for equipment for home
    • troubleshoot school installed software
    Students who are not currently in Digital Literacy should contact the Technology Coordinator for assistance.
    What if there is a problem at home?
    CHS is unable to provide support for home networks.  Any issues with the school laptop should be reported to the Technology Coordinator via email or in person the next morning.

    Will someone from CHS come to our home and help set up our home network?
    No, the school does not support or set up home networks.

    When is help available?
    During the regular school year The Brent Media Center and Library opens at 7:30 AM and closes at 3:30 PM. During this time students may seek the assistance of the Technology Coordinator, student Technical Assistants.

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    What does this term mean?
    For a list of common technical terms and their meanings, please refer to the file below.

    Who should be contacted if you have more questions?
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