PowerSchool and Haiku Guide

  • Please view the attached step-sheets for help accessing PowerSchool and Haiku for the first time.

    If you have not already created your Haiku account, please click here to enter the registration code provided to you.

    Once you gain access, link directly to Haiku and PowerSchool by following these links.

    If you need more assistance, please e-mail the Technology Department at tech@pensacolachs.org

    A new feature of PowerSchool gives you the ability to create your own usernames and passwords!  Families with multiple students in the Diocese can also set up their accounts to view all of their students at one time, with one login!  Scroll to the bottom of this page to view the instructions for creating a unique single-sign on account!

    Welcome to PowerSchool, Pensacola Catholic High School’s Parent Portal! This online Student Information System is available to you anywhere that you have Internet access. By visiting the PowerSchool web site you will be able to view your child’s grades, assignments, and attendance information. You may also request automated attendance and grade reports via e-mail from the PowerSchool server on a frequency of your choice.

    Need Help?

    • Parent Portal User Guide (see file at the bottom of this page)
    • How to create custom logins (see file at the bottom of the page)
    • Forgotten passwords (click here)

    Use the links below to review information on using the PowerSchool Parent Portal or to find answers to commonly asked questions

    Logging Into PowerSchool

    Note:  User names and passwords will be distributed at the opening PTA meeting and will be updated each quarter.  Updated login information will be made available during subsequent quarterly PTA meetings.  If you have more than one child enrolled at PCHS, you will receive a login and password for each child.

    1. Open your web browser and navigate to the web address https://ptdioceseschools.powerschool.com/public/
    2. Enter your username and password in the fields. Note:  Usernames and passwords are case sensitive.
    3. Press ENTER.  The PowerSchool Parent Portal Start Page Appears.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Use the categories below to find answers to common PowerSchool questions:

    General information

    Q: What is PowerSchool?
    A: PowerSchool Parent Portal is a tool that is integrated into the PowerSchool Student Information System (SIS) that is specifically developed for parents and students. PowerSchool Parent Portal gives parents and students access to real-time information including attendance, grades and detailed assignment descriptions, school bulletins, and even personal comments from the teacher. Everyone stays connected: Students stay on top of assignments, parents are able to participate more fully in their student's progress, and teachers can use instantly share information from their gradebook with parents and students.

    Q: What is required to connect to the PowerSchool server?
    A: Users need the following to connect:

    • A computer with a connection to the Internet
    • Internet Explorer 5.01 or Netscape 5.0 or more recent browser (i.e., a browser capable of 128-bit encryption)
    • A login and password, to be supplied by CHS

    Login and Security information

    Q: How does one get a PowerSchool login and password?
    A: The school will provide this at each PTA meeting.

    Q: Are PowerSchool logins and passwords case sensitive?
    A: It depends on the browser you are using and the platform and operating system of the computer you are using to access the site. If all lower case does not work, we recommend that you try the login and password with the case as shown in your letter. For some logins and passwords, it is hard to know whether to use 0 (zero) or O (capital o, the letter). We recommend that you try both. If you still can't log in, please e-mail tech@pensacolachs.org.

    Q: What if I can’t get into PowerSchool- I keep getting the “login screen”?
    A: You may have to add the PowerSchool website to your list of trusted sites or lower the security settings (cookies) that you allow.  Check the help menu of your browser for instructions on clearing the cache and cookies.

    Q: Can other people see my son’s/daughter’s grades?
    A: As long as you protect your password, others will not be able to see your information.  User names are generated randomly by PowerSchool in order to ensure the security of your child’s data.

    Grading information

    Q: Do all teachers post grade and attendance information to the PowerSchool server?
    A: Yes.  Grades are updated at least weekly.  Attendance is updated daily.

    Q: How often can we expect grades to be updated?
    A: Grades are updated at least weekly.  In some instances there are many factors that determine how soon a teacher can assess and return assignments. Essays and research papers take longer to grade than a quiz. Coaching, club sponsorships, and family commitments can also affect turnaround time, as well as a teacher's student load.  We urge students and parents to be patient as teachers do their best to return assignments and post grades as promptly as their schedule allows.

    Q: Do all teachers use the same grading scale?
    A: Yes.  The grading scale for all PCHS courses can be found in the Parent Student Handbook. Teachers may also use the “Score Code” EX to provide you and your child with detailed information regarding assignments that have not yet been given a numerical or letter grade.

    • EX --indicates that the student is exempt from that assignment; this Score Code makes PowerSchool “ignore” this assignment when averaging. This Score Code may remain in place indefinitely without further clarification being needed.

    Q: I know that teachers sometimes weight different categories of grades. How does this affect how a quarter grade is calculated?
    A: Many teachers use categories such as tests, quizzes, or daily work to organize and give different weights to grades; how they weight them is an individual decision. To understand a specific grade calculation, please contact the individual teacher.

    Q: What are the automatic e-mail notifications for?
    A: Parents can request automatic e-mail reports for grades and attendance.  These reports are sent to the parent’s e-mail address.  This feature is intended for parents that do not have Web access, but do have an e-mail account.  These reports will be sent to your e-mail address and are the SAME information that can be obtained via the Web.  (Due to the fact that the e-mail notifications are difficult to read, we recommend only using the Web to view grades and attendance information.)

    Additional Information

    Q: Whom do I contact about questions not answered here?
    A: Use the chart below to determine the appropriate person:

    Question Topic Person to Contact
    Grades for class assignments during the current semester Your student’s teacher.  Teachers’ contact info is available on the school web site for each of your child’s courses.
    Attendance in a specific class on a specific day Your child’s teacher for that class.
    Grades on transcripts, GPA, class rank. (Not shown in PowerSchool) Your child’s guidance counselor.  Counselor contact information is available here: Guidance Contacts
    Course schedules, graduation progress, and college and careers. Your child’s guidance counselor.  Counselor contact information is available here: Guidance Contacts
    General attendance questions, and questions related to absences excused by parents/guardians Front Office, 850-436-6400 x110
    PowerSchool Password changes, or forgetting your PowerSchool password; Accessing Haiku

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