• NCAA Clearinghouse Information

    In order to obtain a college athletic scholarship, students must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. NCAA's website, where the online application is available, is:

    NCAA Clearinghouse

    The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies the academic and amateur credentials of all students who want to play sports at an NCAA Division I or II institution as freshmen. In order to practice, play and receive an athletics scholarship, students need to meet certain academic benchmarks. An additional certification process exists to make sure the student is still an amateur, which is necessary in order for the student to compete. Students must complete the NCAA's online application form, print it, sign it and bring it to the CHS Guidance Department attached to a green CHS Transcript Form.

    For complete information on NCAA's Eligibility Standards for Athletic Scholarships please click on the link below and confirm with the coaches at the post-secondary school of interest:

    NCAA Eligibility Reference PDF