•  Sophie Goyins Award

    Perhaps the most important lesson athletics teaches young people is how to manage adversity. One of the passages in our team prayer speaks to this:

     “To encourage, console, and enjoy one another through inevitable and sometimes unyielding tribulation.”

    Winning a tennis match is always a happy occasion. However, winning a match on a day you struggle, fall behind, and/or are pushed to a point where mentally you might be close to conceding defeat to your opponent, is the most rewarding victory of all.

    In 2013, Catholic High senior Sophie Goyins weathered the “inevitable and sometimes unyielding tribulation” by winning her singles match in comeback fashion vs. rival Pensacola Washington High School.

    Her equally determined opponent that afternoon was up one set, 4-1, and 40-15. Had Washington won that match, the overall dual match would have been over.