• Volleyball Fundraising and Sponsorship

    The Pensacola Catholic High School Volleyball Program has proven to be successful over the years. Because we know our continued growth would not be possible without the support of the community, we are soliciting new and renewing sponsors for our board that is displayed in the CHS Gym.  The funds raised through purchasing space on this Sponsor Board benefit our student athletes and ensure the continued growth of the CHS Volleyball Program. 

    The Sponsor Board is a full-color vinyl display with the CHS logo at the top and our donors featured throughout the board. The Sponsor Board is prominently displayed on the CHS Gym wall throughout the year for all to see.  Support of the Crusader Volleyball Program will be noted by all who attend not just CHS athletic events, but also PTA meetings, “A Starry, Starry Knight” Auction, Catholic Youth Sports League activities and numerous other events.  Please consider purchasing a sponsorship.  Thank you!


Sponsor Crusader Volleyball!