Catholic High Fall Fundraiser & Magazine Sale

  • Thank you for your interest in supporting our Student Magazine Sale and Fall Fundraiser!  To order online gifts and magazines, simply follow the steps below.

    Magazines and Online Gifts:

    To Create a Parent/Student Login and:

    • Go to
    • Click the white box that says Parents and Students.
    • Enter email and create a password and click REGISTER.
    • Here it will ask for the state (select from drop down), school/group (begin typing in the name and then select it from the drop down when you see it), and enter the students first and last name.
    • You'll be at parents/student dashboard!

    To add another student:

    • Go to Add a Seller.
    • Pick state and school, enter student info.
    • Each student will have a student code that is intended to make it easy to share amongst family and friends and will link to this dashboard.

    To Support CHS and Shop Now:

    -Go to and click green SHOP NOW
    - Enter student code


    -Choose state, enter school name enter student info

    Magazines Only:

    If you would like to order only magazines, you may follow the following instructions.

    To order online:

    • Go to
    • Select "I am ready to shop".  
    • Enter the Pensacola Catholic High School ID # 2510980 
    • Enter your student's name in order to receive credit for your purchase. It is NOT necessary to enter a student online ID.  Just the student's name.
    • Select your magazines.
    • Proceed to Checkout indicating to whom the subscriptions should be sent. 
    • Print two copies of your receipt.  Keep one for your records and submit the other to Catholic High School in your student's magazine packet envelope.

    To order through Catholic High School:

    • Complete the required order form (found in sale packet).
    • Indicate Pensacola Catholic High School as the designated organization.
    • Include your check made payable to Pensacola Catholic High School for the total amount ordered.
    • Submit your completed order packet to CHS!

    The Magazine Sale and Fall Fundraiser was originally chosen by Catholic High and continues to be used annually because of the many benefits it offers:

    • Statistics show that a typical American home has 2+ magazines.
    • You can use these magazines and gifts as great Christmas and birthday gifts.
    • You can order your magazine subscriptions for your place of business.
    • You can renew subscription already held—even if the renewal date is not at this time. Your subscription will be extended!
    • When you purchase/renew through CHS—AT THE SAME PRICE YOU PAY THE PUBLISHER DIRECTLY—CHS earns 40% of the subscription price!

    So, we consider it a win-win…you get something you probably already purchase and help CHS to earn income!

    If you have any questions regarding the Magazine Sale, please contact 
    Mrs. Julie Remke.